Pupils' Blog

21Oct 2015

Today some of our new Raglan Primary School news team spent some time with our new Headteacher Kath Margetts to talk about her role as Headteacher at Raglan, her career in teaching and her school days. Welldone to the news team for asking some very good questions today and thank you to Kath for sharing […]

15Oct 2015

They all travelled on a plane with their passports and arrived at their destination where they found it was quite hot! They found out about the animals that live in Africa and even tried on some traditional dress. They had a go at playing some instruments and looked at the different types of food that […]

13Oct 2015

The children in Reception and LLC received a surprise visit from the Fire Brigade. The fire-fighters gave us a talk on fire prevention and what to do in case of an emergency. We explored the fire engine and had a go at trying on their helmets and using the hose, which was great fun!

13Oct 2015

We had the most amazing Harvest Festival in school this term! The children dressed in their autumn colours, they sang, danced and recited some beautiful poetry. There was even a bit of samba dancing amongst the children and staff! To find out more, please download our overview. CLICK HERE

13Oct 2015

ULC have been learning all about how to draw portraits. We looked at the different sketching techniques they would use. We then looked at different types of facial features, such as eyes, nose and mouth, and learnt the best technique to draw them. In these pictures we are using the grid method to draw a […]

12Oct 2015

If you come into the cloakroom we share with 3D, you will see our ‘Guess Whoooo?’ owls all sitting on a tree! We wrote some clues about ourselves on their wings.  You need to read them and work out who is underneath the wings!  Some of the clues are very tricky. We all had fun […]

06Jul 2015

Dear parents and Carers, Our School will undergo an OFSTED inspection on 7th and 8th July 2015. We are writing to you because we would like to know what you think about our school. Your views about the school are important to us If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at […]

24Jun 2015

Welcome back to RPS News and our June newsround. In this bulletin the team discusses some important dates such as the forthcoming year six production, sports day, year six prom night and much, much more. We also hear about the new computer lab and the brand new website, which will be launched in September sporting […]

14Jun 2015

Pictured here is Dave Shelton, who is the author of A Boy and a Bear in a Boat. We studied the book as part our “Power of Reading unit”. We wrote some beautiful poems and put them on display at the CLPE yesterday. He, and the CLPE, were very impressed by them. This is him […]

12May 2015

Dear Parents, As you know our year six pupils will be setting off for the Isle of Wight on Monday 18th May 2015. Whilst they are away on their amazing trip, teachers and staff will be keeping us all up-to-date by sending through short news snippets and pictures on a daily basis. These items will […]