Nursery Funding


Funding occurs once your child is 3 years old but only covers 3 hours of basic care.  Children become eligible the term after they turn 3 years old until they start reception class.  Parents can apply for the extended entitlement the term their child turns 3 years old.  (Parents can only access their 30 hours funded place the term after they have confirmation of eligibility- no child can start accessing the 30 hours part way through the term.

Please note parents must apply for/reconfirm their 30 hour code on or before 31st August – if parents do not apply for/reconfirm their 30 hour code by 31st August they will not be able to claim the 30 hours funding in the Autumn term.  Parents who apply for/reconfirm by the 31st August will be given a Validity Start Date prior to 1st September.  For example – where a parent’s grace period ends on 31st August and the parent reconfirms on 3rd September – they will have a break in their eligibility and not be able to claim funding in the Autumn term.

Please see below further notes reference funding and also the Bromley Funding Parent Contract ref making a claim.