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What is the Friends of Raglan?

Friends of Raglan (FOR) is the PTA of Raglan Primary School. We are an inclusive group of parents wanting to raise funds for our children’s school while having fun and creating a social community among parents and children.

How do we fundraise?

Throughout the year, the FOR organises a variety of events both to raise money but also to bring parents and families together and provide some fun activities for the children. Regular events are termly school discos, quiz nights and the annual Christmas grotto and summer fair.  Competitions and other themes nights are also popular.  New ideas for fundraising events are always welcome.


How to get involved

Everybody is welcome to be part of the Friends of Raglan whether it’s joining the monthly meetings, volunteering at a specific event, helping out from home or having an excellent idea and making it happen. Everyone’s help and support is invaluable in whatever form and as long as there is a network of parents who are generous enough to share their time, ideas, skills and energy, the FOR will continue to thrive.

Why be part of the FOR?

Being part of the FOR and particularly coming to the monthly meetings are an excellent opportunity to:

  • have direct impact on our fundraising calendar
  • bring in new ideas
  • have a say in how the money raised can be spent to benefit your children
  • meet parents from other year groups
  • gain a greater understanding of how the school works
  • feel part of the Raglan community.

We look forward to meeting you!