School Council

Meet the School Council

The School Council has been an active part of Raglan life since 2002. Each class at Raglan from Year 2 onwards votes for two pupil members and these children discuss Raglan School issues on a monthly basis. Our School Council Members act as a mouthpiece for their classmates and, possibly, parents too. They come to meetings armed with issues that the children want to talk about. Meetings can be quite thrilling with the amount of material that we cover.

Over the years the School Council has requested playground equipment including new football goals and skipping ropes, cleaner playground toilets, gym apparatus, benches, friendship stops and the set up of the annual charity giving ‘R Factor’ talent competition. This last initiative has led to donations to many worldwide charities and the discovery of hidden talents in the school.

More recently the School Council discussed changing the House names and voted to change them from Chartwell, Hever, Knole and Penshurst (all local places of interest in Kent) to Blyton, Crompton, Darwin and Wells which are all Authors that have a connection with Bromley.