Year 6 Classes

Welcome to Year 6

Dear Parents, Carers & Pupils

As you are aware Year 6 is a very busy time for the children. We have plenty of work to do in preparation for SATs as well as our residential visit to the Isle of Wight.

As there are lots of things to remember we have detailed below some key topics.

Home Learning

Reading – In Year 6 we still expect daily reading for at least 15 minutes each day. As many children will be quite accomplished readers we would suggest that you also discuss texts with your child and note any new words in their reading record books.

Spellings – A half termly list of spellings will be sent home in their home learning diary. They will be tested on them weekly. Children getting 3 or more incorrect may have to stay in during break times to learn them. Children may move up or down between groups depending on how well they learn their spellings.

Home Learning – Children will record homework tasks and deadlines in their homework books. Some home learning may be set through internet research  or BBC Bitesize KS2.

Times tables – Children in Year 6 are expected to know their times tables. If this is something your child finds difficult, you should continue to revise these at home. Useful strategies include: chanting in order, writing them out in 2 minutes, responding quickly to questions out of order.

Projects – Children will be expected to produce a project in the Summer Term based around our residential visit to the Isle of Wight (or an alternative topic if they do not participate).

Home learning will normally be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Tuesday, unless the children are told otherwise. Children not handing homework in at the appropriate time will have to stay in during break time until the work is completed.


It is vitally important that your child is in school at 8.50am everyday, when the whistle is blown as registration and early morning work start promptly at 8.55am.


Do you have any of the following you could donate to the classes?



It would be really helpful if your child could bring the following equipment:

One pencil case containing – a cartridge pen, plus spare blue cartridges, 2 writing pencils, 30cm ruler, a glue-stick, a pencil sharpener (preferably one that collects the shavings), a rubber, protractor and a selection of coloured pencils and a dry Whiteboard pen (non permanent).  Please make sure these are replenished every half term.


Please refer to the Behaviour and Relationship Policy under the Our School, School Policies section of the website.


Please note ALL uniform should be clearly labelled.

Girls’: Blue shirt, school tie with logo, sweatshirt with a v-neck or cardigan with school logo, navy skirt or pinafore dress, smart, plain navy trousers – no leggings.

White socks or navy tights, blue/white check dress (Summer). Plain black, brown or navy leather shoes.

Boys’: Blue shirt, school tie with logo, sweatshirt with a v-neck with school logo, grey trousers, long or short (Navy shorts are not acceptable – only short, grey trousers), grey socks. Plain black, brown or navy leather shoes.

Physical Education

PE days for Year 6 vary from term to term, so please ensure your school PE kit is labeled with your name and in school every day. Children will receive one warning per term if their P.E. kit is not in school, after this they will lose a behaviour point.


In literacy we will be looking at all genres of writing in both narrative and non-narrative form. As well as this, we will continue to work on developing reading and comprehension skills.

In numeracy we will be building on all work covered in the last year, including the four operations, problem solving, data handling, using and applying, measure, shape and space.

Preparation for SATs in English and Maths will be ongoing up until the Summer Term.


In Year 6 we all look forward to the Isle of Wight, which takes place during the summer term.

Wet Day Procedure

If the weather is very wet at the start of the school day, children in the juniors may come into the middle hall and wait until it is time to go to their classrooms. The infant children should say goodbye to their parents at the link corridor door and make their way to the lower hall and wait until it is time to go to their classrooms. Both halls will be supervised by a member of staff from 8.45am.

Walking Home

In preparation for secondary school, some of the children will be walking home independently. If this applies to your child, you need to fill out the school consent form. You can get the form from your class teacher.

General Reminders

Please report your child’s absence on the first day of absence & dinner money should be paid a half term in advance (no cans, bottles, flasks or fizzy drinks please).

No nail varnish should be worn in school, only plain stud earrings should be worn and hair accessories to tie back long hair should be blue, our school colour.

No ipods or electronic equipment should be brought into school. No attention seeking hairstyles are permitted and trainers are not part of school uniform for either boys or girls. Thank you for your co-operation with these.

Mobile phones are allowed with a parental permission form but the school does not take responsibility for the safety of this expensive equipment.

We are looking forward to working with you and the children this year. If you have any concerns then you can speak to either one of us at the end of the school day. If you have an issue that will require some time, then please ring the office for an appointment with the appropriate class teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Ms O’Donnell and Miss Russell