The Governing Body

What is our Role?

The Governing Body at Raglan has three key responsibilities:

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent

What do we do?

  • Agree the aims, objectives and values of the school
  • Agree, monitor and evaluate policies, targets and priorities relating to the aims, purposes and practices of the school
  • Influence and approve the School Development (Improvement) Plan
  • Approve and monitor the allocation and expenditure of the school budget
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is being followed and that there is sufficient staff to teach it
  • Monitor and review the pupils’ progress, ensuring individual pupils’ needs are met, including any additional needs
  • Give parents and other interested local people information about the school
  • Establish positive links with the local business and wider communities

How do we do it?

As well as the Full Governing Body meeting at least once per term, Governors meet in formal committees and more informal working groups to drive improvement and ensure stability and compliance.  The Achievement and Curriculum Committee and the Finance and Compliance Committee meet regularly every half term, while working groups are assembled to address specific issues or areas of requirement. Governors can regularly be found in the classroom with individual Governors linked to specific years groups or roles within the school. Governors also engage with the wider school community by attending many of the events that take place during the course of the year.

Governor Newsletters:

Who are we?

The Governing Body at Raglan is a dedicated group of civic-minded individuals who are committed to continuous learning and development. There are thirteen Governors on our board including:

  • Appointed Governors from the local community
  • Co-opted governors who are appointed for a specific skill
  • Parent Governors elected by the parent body
  • Staff Governors elected by the staff of Raglan
  • Our Headteacher

Appointed Governors

  1. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith

    Helena-SmithRole: Vice-Chair of Governors, Headteacher’s Performance Appraisal Panel
    Appointed: 17th March 2015, 4 year term

    Helena has worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years and has a particular interest in the impact of teaching space on learning. Born and raised in south east London, Helena lived for a number of years in the north east of England and having recently relocated to Bromley is keen to become involved in the local community. In her spare time, Helena makes largely unsuccessful attempts at gardening and DIY and takes excessive amounts of photographs.


  2. Philip Vickers

    Philip Vickers

    Phil-VickersRoles: Pay Committee Member
    Appointed: 15th March 2016, 4 year term

    “Phil is a HR Manager for a large employee owned retail organisation and has worked in the HR field for 7 years in various roles across the country. Phil is a member of the CIPD, the professional body for HR workers and is a specialist in employee engagement, performance management and organisation design. Phil has lived in the area for 5 years and has a three year old son. Outside of work Phil likes to keep fit and competes in Triathlon events across the country.”

  3. James Faiers

    James Faiers

    Appointed: 22nd November 2016, 4 year term

    James is currently a mathematics teacher at Dulwich College where he has taught for 4 years. As well as teaching mathematics he works in the boarding house and coaches the basketball team at the College. James lives in the local community near to Raglan Primary School and in his spare time he enjoys playing and watching rugby and basketball and is an avid cook.

  4. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris

    Robert-HarrisRoles: Finance and Compliance Committee (Chair) and Headteacher’s Performance Appraisal Panel
    Appointed: 27th September 2016, 4 year term

    Rob works for a Dutch Bank providing acquisition finance in the European Food, Beverage and Agriculture industries. He has 4 children of which one is still at Raglan, the other three all attended Raglan with the eldest now studying Economics at UEA and the middle two attending Hayes secondary school. His interests mainly revolve around sport, particularly cricket and football (since 1980 he has been a regular at Stamford Bridge); additionally Rob has an on/off relationship with an acoustic guitar.

  5. Scott George

    Scott George

    Scott-GeorgeRoles: Chair of Governors, Headteacher’s Performance Appraisal Panel, Pay Committee Member and Parent Forum Governor
    Appointed: 19th September 2017, 4 year term

    Scott is a sound designer, computer programmer and technology specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. Scott’s began his life in Australia and he has since brought his skills to almost every continent in the world. Scott has two daughters at Raglan and is passionate that all children receive the best education available. Scott is an avid DIY enthusiast and enjoys his cricket but still cannot bring himself to support England during the Ashes.

  6. Martin Daniels

    Martin Daniels

    Martin works for Medway Council as a Management Accountant and his role mainly involves school funding and has been in Local Government finance for nearly 30 years. He is an experienced governor and whilst he was Chair of Governors at his last school they went from Requires Improvement to Outstanding in three years. Martin says he is a very hands on governor which in the past has seen him undertake Santa and Easter Bunny duties. He is now a local resident and looking forward getting to know the school and its community. Outside of work and Governorship Martin is a keen runner and sports fan.


Parent Governors

  1. Jess Benning

    Jess Benning

    Roles: Special Educational Needs Link Governor
    Elected: 6th June 2017, 4 year term

    Jess has 2 children at Raglan and is, herself, an ex-pupil. As a result she is passionate about the future of Raglan Primary School. Jess has worked in Education Administration for the past decade including 5 years doing Pre-School administration. She has also recently retrained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor for both adults and children. Mental health, and specifically children’s mental health, is a subject close to her heart. When she has any spare time she likes to read, go to the theatre and visit new places.

  2. Jeremy Cox

    Jeremy Cox

    Jeremy-CoxRoles: Safeguarding including Looked After Children Link Governor
     Elected: First elected 29th July 2013, re-elected 30th November 2015, 4 year term

    Jeremy is currently the Head of Sixth Form at the Norwood School, he has been teaching for 12 years. Jeremy has lived in South East London for all of his childhood & adult life. He has two children at Raglan and is determined to continue to provide support to Raglan in order to maintain its reputation as a fantastic school which helps to serve the local community. He enjoys travelling, reading, sports of all kinds and reading, when he isn’t busy at school(s), looking after his kids and family.

  3. Mamta Ward

    Mamta Ward

    Mamta-WardRoles: Pay Committee Member
    Elected: 1st September 2015, 4 year term

    Mamta is a qualified tax accountant with a (pre-children!) experience of 10 years in the field. She has been involved with Raglan as Parent Rep and classroom helper since her youngest started in Reception and now, with both sons at the school, she is more determined than ever that the school maintains its reputation as a wonderful learning environment. Free time is an amazing novelty at the moment and the list of interests may significantly outweigh the energy needed to pursue them all.

Staff Governors

  1. Alison Dumper

    Alison Dumper

    alisonElected: First elected 1st September 2013, re-elected 2nd September 2014, 4 year term

    Alison joined the staff at Raglan as a class teacher in 2007. She has taught in Years 1, 6, and 5 and is currently teaching Year 3. Her association with Raglan goes much further back as both her daughters enjoyed their primary education at the school and, during this time, she served as a parent governor for several years. Outside of school life, Alison enjoys playing netball, skiing, travelling the world and trying to tame her garden.

  2. Rachael Ezinwa

    Rachael Ezinwa

    rachaelElected: 19th July 2016, 4 year term

    Rachael has taught in Reception for the last 2 years and is highly committed to Raglan and wanted to be involved in planning the school’s long-term future, particularly early years. “Serving as a Staff Governor will allow me to have a wider perspective of the work that goes on at school. It is a wonderful opportunity to develop understanding of the decision-making process of school governing bodies”.

  3. Kath Margetts

    Kath Margetts

    Kath-MargettsRoles: Headteacher, Finance and Compliance Committee
    Appointed: 1st September 2015



Governor Resignations

  1. Scott Pinder

    Scott Pinder

    Scott-PinderRoles: Vice Chair of Governors, Finance and Compliance Committee, External Governance Link and Headteacher’s Performance Management
    Appointed: 17th March 2015, 4 year term
    Resigned: 13th September 2017

    Scott is an actuary and senior consultant giving advice to companies and boards of trustees. Scott is looking forward to bringing his experience of helping people make decisions to the Governing Board.

    Scott thought that being originally from Nottinghamshire would be an advantage in being an archer but he says his skill in this hobby does not yet match his enthusiasm. He is currently learning computer programming (yes, your Governors also don’t stop learning!)

  2. Suzanne Whitehead

    Suzanne Whitehead

    Suzanne-WhiteheadRoles: Health & Safety
    Appointed: 22nd September 2015, 4 year term

    Suzanne is a fire safety manager for one of the largest social housing providers in the country and brings a wide knowledge of buildings and health and safety, having worked in fire safety for more than 15 years. She is a member of several professional fire safety organisations and is a Freeman of the City of London. Suzanne is married with a young daughter and lives locally, having lived in South East London most of her life. In her spare time you will find her in the garden or planning the next adventure.

  3. Morgan Griffiths

    Morgan Griffiths
    Appointed:   22nd September 2015, Resigned 18th April 2016

    Morgan was educated as a scholar at Brighton College, before attending St. Peter’s College, Oxford with a Choral Scholarship to read for a BA in Music. Upon completion of his degree, Morgan moved to London in order to read for an MA in the Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College, University of London.
    Throughout his years of study, Morgan developed a deep-seated love of education, as well as gaining a first-hand insight into the world of education across a wide range of levels. Having worked variously in consultancy, marketing and in copywriting, Morgan is currently Managing Director of a leading international education firm.

  4. Jane Evans

    Jane Evans

    Jane-EvansRoles: Special Needs and Headteacher’s Performance Management
    Elected: First elected 1st September 2013, re-elected 30th November 2015, 4 year term

    Jane started her professional career training as an accountant and now finds herself in partnership with her husband running the family flooring and soft furnishing business. She has 2 children at Raglan and one at Marjorie McClure Specialist School. Any free time is spent enjoying the out of doors, especially geocaching.

  5. Angela Simmonds

    Angela Simmonds

    Elected: 4th February 2015, 4 year term

    Angela joined the staff at Raglan as a class teacher in September 2012.  She has taught in Reception for the last 2 years and loves teaching the children.



Governors Attendance at Meetings 2016-2017

Governor Name Category of Governor Start of Term of Office End of Term of Office

Attendance at Meeting 2016-2017

FGB including extraordinary Meeting 5

Achievement & Curriculum out of possible 3

Finance & Compliance out of possible 6

Mrs Jessica Benning Parent 6/6/2017 5/6/2021

2 out of 2

Mr Jeremy Cox Parent 30/11/2015 29/11/2019



Mrs Alison Dumper Staff 02/09/2014 01/09/2018



Miss Rachael Ezinwa Staff 19/7/2016 18/7/2020


Mr James Faier Appointed by Board 22/11/2016 21/11/2020

2 out of 2

1 out of 2

Mr Scott George Parent 29/11/2013 29/11/2017


Mr Robert Harris Co –opted by Board 29/11/2013 28/11/2017



Ms Kath Margetts Headteacher 01/09/2015  




Mr Scott Pinder Appointed by Board 17/03/2015 16/03/2019



Ms Helena Smith Appointed by Board 17/03/2015 16/03/2019


Mr Philip Vickers Parent 15/03/2016 14/03/2020



Mrs Mamta Ward Parent 01/09/2015 31/08/2019



Governors No Longer Serving
Mrs Jane Evans Parent 30/11/2015 22/11/16


Mrs Angela Simmonds Staff 04/02/2015 22/11/16


Mrs Suzanne Thompson aka Suzanne Whitehead Appointed by Board 22/09/2015 6/6/2017

1 out of 4

Declaration of  Pecuniary and Personal Interest



 Details of Interest

Date declared
Jess Benning Parent Governor Employment at Valley Primary School 19/9/17
Mark Bestwick Site Manager None declared 25/9/17
Sue Bradshaw Nursery Leader None declared 28/9/17
Carol Burgess Head of Language Provision None declared 25/9/17
Cindy Carberry Nursery Assistant/Breakfast Club Leader None declared 2/10/17
 Jade Catton After School Club Leader None declared 19/9/17
Jeremy Cox Parent Governor None declared 19/9/17
Alison Dumper Teacher Governor None declared 25/9/17
James Faiers Governor Employment at Duwich College 19/9/17
Scott George Chair of Governors Employment with Autograph Sound Recording Ltd, Director of ALC 19/9/17
Rachael Ezinwa Teacher Governor None declared 25/9/17
Rob Harris Co – Opted Governor None declared 18/9/17
Rae Liddell PA to Headteacher None declared 25/9/17
Kath Margetts Headteacher Grounds repairs carried out by brother December 2017. paid £1,300 22/1/18
Reshma Rao Finance Manager and Office Manager None declared 19/9/17
Helena Smith Governor Employment with King’s College London, None declared 19/9/17
Philip Vickers Governor None declared 19/9/17
Mamta Ward Parent Governor None declared 19/9/17
Danielle Wood Deputy Head None declared 25/9/17
Martin Daniels TBC None declared 19/1/18

How to Contact Us?

Queries about the management of Raglan and the progress of any individual child should initially be directed to the Headteacher. If you would like more information about the Governing Body or are interested in becoming a governor or would like to get in touch please email or please write to the Chair of Governors care of the school office.