iowhomeFrom Monday 23rd until Friday 27th May 2016, our year six pupils will be heading off on their annual residential trip to the Isle of Wight. As you can imagine, the children are extremely excited about this forthcoming trip as it is a very special event for all of our year six pupils.

To make sure that our year six parents are kept up-to-date with how their children are getting on whilst on the trip, we will be posting pictures and captions from each day here on this blog.

Just keep checking back each evening and we will do our very best to get those pictures online for you.

Day one:

We have had a lovely day so far at Portsmouth. The sun has been shining and we have been on HMS Victory and in the naval museum.

We arrived on the Island at around 4pm and were really excited to find our rooms and unpack. We had a lovely dinner and got ready for the beach. We played in the water, played rounders with the adults and made sand forts. We didn’t get back to the hotel until 9:10pm!

We had showers and got into our PJs- there were some amazing onesies to be seen! We then had a drink and biscuit and listened to the first chapter of ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams.

We went to bed… It took a while to fall asleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Day two:

Another beautiful day. We went to Robin Hill country park and had a great time. We went on the toboggans, the tree top walks, through the mazes, on a pirate boat and watched a falconry display. We ate our lunch in the sunshine and headed off to Ryde. We arrived by the sea to the Super Bowl where we had a game with our friends. We really enjoyed it!

After bowling, we dashed back to the hotel and had our three course dinner, ready to go to the theatre. Shanklin theatre was brilliant. We danced and sang to all of the songs and even got to scream at the top of our voices. When we got back to the hotel we were still very energetic and so the staff decided to treat us and take us to the park. It was then time for pyjamas, drinks and a story.


Day three:

What a spectacular day! We enjoyed a very long walk across Tennyson Down. It was an uphill walk and the views were stunning, we stopped to admire them. When we got to the monument, we had a group photo and a quick pit stop to have a drink and get our breath back. We encouraged and congratulated each other for such a tremendous achievement.

We left the monument and started our walk downhill to Alum Bay. We trekked through styles and small paths until we emerged onto the road down to the pleasure park. We stopped to have our lunch together – we certainly were hungry after all that walking! Next stop was the chair lift, we needed to get down to the beach at the bottom of the cliffs to go on our boat cruise. We all got into pairs and travelled down, we were very brave as it was very high but we absolutely loved it and wanted to go round again.

When we were at the bottom we boarded a passenger boat to go and see the needles and the lighthouse up close. We had a smooth ride and got really close so that we could take pictures. From the sea you could see the coloured sands in the cliffs along the shore line. For the rest of the afternoon we walked around the Needles Park and visited the gift shops. Miss Wood then bought us an ice cream. We were easy to go back to the hotel as we were very tired.

After dinner we went to the beach to take part in a sandcastle competition. We were all very creative and had so much fun.

We are exhausted! Good night…

Day four:

Our last full day on of the Isle of Wight has been excellent. We went to Amazon World this morning, which was really exciting. We saw so many different animals: monkeys, tapirs, ocelots, ostriches, meerkats, lemurs, penguins and wallabies – just to name a few. We were able to go into the lemur walk and they jumped on a few of us which was really exciting and one of the ladies came and spoke to us, giving us facts and information about them.

We also went into the wallaby enclosure although they did go and hide in the corner – we must have been scary! In the afternoon we went to Carrisbrooke Castle which we all enjoyed immensely. We enjoyed looking at the castle defences, the museum and the donkeys. We learned lots of key facts about the history of the castle and how it was adapted by different owners for defence.

In the evening we had the disco. We danced and sang to the music and had so much fun.