Maths at Raglan

Maths is a core aspect of our curriculum and is taught daily in every year group. We are aware of the importance of the children being fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics as well as developing their problem solving and reasoning skills.

At Raglan, we use a split – input approach within mathematics, where children receive teaching that is pitched appropriately and  focuses on their level of understanding.  We use starter activities;

  • to support the learning in the lesson;
  • to develop core skills such as number bonds and times tables;
  •  to reinforce previous topics of learning.

We use Mathletics to bring the love of learning maths to support our children.  All children have their own username and password.  They can be found your child’s home learning book.  Please encourage your child to use Mathletics at home.

Years 1 to Year 6 cover a variety of concepts in mathematics such as number, calculation, money, fractions, measure and shape.  We teach written and mental strategies for adding and subtracting, division and multiplication.  We also teach core skills such as number bonds, partitioning, rounding, times tables and related division facts. We revisit these concepts regularly throughout the year and within starter activities, so children are constantly practicing and using these core skills.  We encourage all parents to help their children master these skills by regularly practicing these skills at home.  Children have Mathletics user-names and passwords that are stuck in their home learning books, so they can use this on-line resource to support their learning in Maths at home. 

We hold a Maths Breakfast throughout the year giving parents the opportunity to come into school to solve maths problems with their children.

At Raglan, we encourage our children to become confident problem solvers.  We offer a range of opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge, to show their ability to be systematic, logical, to find all possibilities and to find the rules and patterns that support their conjectures.  It is also important that the children at Raglan are able to reason mathematically.  We provide regular opportunities for the children to apply and explain their mathematical understanding so they can demonstrate real rigor and depth or knowledge.

Throughout the school, children use a range of manipulatives to support their understanding in Maths lessons such as Numicon, Diened, bead strings, counters, 100 squares and multi-link as well as many more resources.