Nursery Funding


Funding occurs once your child is 3 years old but only covers 3 hours of basic care.  Children become eligible the term after they turn 3 years old until they start reception class.  Parents can apply for the extended entitlement the term their child turns 3 years old.  (Parents can only access their 30 hours funded place the term after they have confirmation of eligibility- no child can start accessing the 30 hours part way through the term)

Please note parents must apply for/reconfirm their 30 hour code on or before 31st August – if parents do not apply for/reconfirm their 30 hour code by 31st August they will not be able to claim the 30 hours funding in the Autumn term.  Parents who apply for/reconfirm by the 31st August will be given a Validity Start Date prior to 1st September.  For example – where a parent’s grace period ends on 31st August and the parent reconfirms on 3rd September – they will have a break in their eligibility and not be able to claim funding in the Autumn term.

Advice for Parents on How to Apply for Funding Online

What do parents need to do?

  • Apply online at –
Child turns 3 years old between Recommended time to apply Validity Start Date must be Child can get 30 hours (if eligible)
1 April & 31 August 15 June to 31 July 31 August or earlier AUTUMN term
1 September & 31 December 15 October to 30 November 31 December or earlier SPRING term
1 January & 31 March 15 January to 28 February 31 March or earlier SUMMER term
  • Apply using the legal names of their child as set out on the child’s birth certificate
  • Apply promptly and at the very latest by:-
  • 31st August to claim the 30 hours funding in the AUTUMN term
  • 31st December to claim the 30 hours funding in the SPRING term
  • 31st March to claim the 30 hours funding in the SUMMER term
  • Note: parents cannot start to claim a place midway through the term unless they received their code before the start of term
  • Present their 30 hour code promptly to the provider (together with their NI details and child’s birth certificate) so that it can be validated
  • Sign a parent contract agreeing the funded hours for the upcoming term (Only when the code has been validated and eligibility has been confirmed by the provider)
  • Reconfirm that they are eligible every 3 months by logging onto their HMRC gateway account

Parents cannot claim the 30 hours until:-

  • the term after the child turns three
  • the term after they have received confirmation of eligibility from the HMRC

Useful contacts for parents:

HMRC Helpline 0300 123 4097

Foster Parents can claim the 30 hours funding but they have to make an application to the Social Care Team in their local authority i.e. they do not apply to the HMRC. Foster parents need to meet a number of criteria including that the extended hours are consistent with the child’s care plan and that the foster parents are working.

Please see below further notes reference funding and also the Bromley Funding Parent Contract ref making a claim.

Early years pupil premium (EYPP) for three and four year olds

Did you know your childcare provider may be entitled to £302 additional funding to improve the education of your child?

If your child is three or four years old, childcare providers can claim an additional £302 per year to spend on enriching your child’s education. The funding is called early years pupil premium (EYPP).

Please see this link for more information: CLICK HERE