Walk to School and the J.T.A.s.

The Junior Travel Ambassadors and ‘Walk to School’

The JTA’s at Raglan Primary School are responsible for:

  • Safety around School
  • Promoting walking to school
  • Help to promote reducing the Schools Carbon Footprint

The JTA’s meet every Monday lunchtime in Mr Rob’s classroom to discuss and share ideas for the JTA’s objectives for each term. The JTA meetings are governed by a Chair person, who changes every term.

Mr Rob has been ‘Walking On Wednesday’ every Wednesday morning from 8:30AM for more than ten years! Please join him at Whitehall Rec swings just before 8:30AM. We then head to Chatterton Road and we are usually opposite the Chatterton Arms at 8:35.Come on, leave your car at home!

JTS’s Meet the Mayor of Bromley

Our JTA’s for 2020/2021 are Elena Coleman and Aileen Pearce.