Friday 13th 12:20 pm : – The coach has already arrived in good time for our adventure to PGL. The children are very excited and thankfully the weather is beautiful. We will be setting off at 1:45pm. I will post an update when we have arrived.

16:53 :- we have arrived safe and sound and so far we are having lots of fun and everyone is very excited. The children were so well behaved getting ready and getting on to the coach that were were ready very quickly and due to the very high temperatures on the coach we had to leave very promptly (I hope those of you who missed us will forgive us but it was for the children’s well being); the ventilation on the coach is only effective when is moving. I have passed on all messages to those children whose grown ups missed us. The children have all sent you a kiss (see photo) and they said to tell you that they are going to have a lovely time.

I will continue to update this blog over the weekend and I think some of the children will be helping me with this task. Have a lovely weekend and try to enjoy your time. The children will.

Saturday 8:22am The children enjoyed some wonderful evening activities last night and came back covered in all sorts after playing the ‘Generation Game’. After some light refreshment we all had and went to bed. Most rooms slept very well but ages were just too excited about the next day to sleep straight away

We had some tremendous thunder and lightning storms overnight and rain came down in buckets. We have woken to a slightly cooler and damp morning. Everyone has had a hearty breakfast and they have all set off for their first activity of the day.

The diary entry in the photo gallery was a contribution to our blog from Lara Herridge-Lewer

19:33:- The children have had a lovely time in between some rather heavy rain showers. There was battles on the seas. Huge bravery on the trapeze from all children.

During the raft building we all ended up soaked through but with huge smiles on our faces. Our raft designs were successful although our balance leaves a bit to be desired.

Currently the campfire is in full swing and there is loud and sometimes tuneful singing going on. Lots of tired children who will be soon ready for their beds.

11:19 :- The children were so tired after such a fantastic day yesterday that within minutes of lights out they were asleep. We didn’t hear a peep from any of them and we greeted with groans at 7:00am when we told them it was time to get up for breakfast. They were soon up dressed and ready.

There has been a mixture of activities this morning from abseiling, giant swing and zip wire to the climbing wall. Everyone has been brave and all the children have had great success

17:49 :- the children have finished there activities for the day and are all feeling very proud of themselves. Everyone is tired and happy. As we speak the group are all tucking into a delicious dinner after which we shall be promptly getting on the coach. We plan to be back at raglan by 7:30pm traffic permitting.