Our Approach to Reading

Phonics teaching at Raglan Primary

Phonics teaching at Raglan Primary School follows Letters and Sounds which has been adapted to meet the requirements of the new Primary National Curriculum for English.  Our aim is that by the end of Key Stage 1, children will be confident and fluent readers and have learnt strategies and rules to support spelling. We teach the children grapheme-phoneme correspondences (the sounds that letters make) and how to sound out and blend words for reading. The children also learn how to segment words into sounds in order to spell. Phonics is taught through daily discrete phonics lessons for all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 but children are also given opportunities to apply, explore and practise their reading and spelling skills throughout the curriculum.


Confident and enthusiastic reader

At Raglan we want to ensure that your child becomes a confident and enthusiastic reader by providing both an exciting range of fiction and non-fiction scheme books (for Key Stage One) and ‘real’ books by ‘real’ authors for everyone. The new books will be kept and displayed in each classroom so the children can discuss, browse and choose with their teacher the books they would love to read.

Research suggests that enabling the children to select their own book and read ‘real’ books promotes reading for pleasure and supports progression and vocabulary growth. It is proven that children who enjoy reading perform better academically in all subjects, enhancing their writing, developing broader vocabulary, increasing their general knowledge and developing understanding for other cultures.


For children who are developing their reading at Raglan…

Classes now have sets of Big Cat banded books, nothing has changed with the colour bands these are all still the same – running from Lilac – Lime. We have also included phonic readers which support the sounding out and blending of words to match our phonic teaching in school. There is a wide range of excellent current and relevant fiction and non-fiction books for your child to enjoy.


Books, books everywhere…

Every class in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two has sets of Badger Banded Books, which are ‘real’ books that have been colour banded and chosen to add variety and breadth to the children’s reading. Brown, Grey, Dark Blue and Dark Red are extended levels, which continue to support reading progression throughout KS2, offering books that match the children’s reading ability and provide challenge.


Supporting your child’s reading journey

Here are some top tips of how to support your child’s reading and develop their enjoyment:

  • Make reading an enjoyable experience and try not to pressurise your child if they are reluctant to read.
  • Encourage them to read by ensuring that they see you reading!
  • Boost your child’s enjoyment by praising their reading including their effort and even the smallest achievements.
  • Encourage your child to sound out and blend any words they do not know.
  • Allow your child time to self-correct any mistakes and maintain the flow.
    • Try to read with your child on most school days. ‘Little and often’ is best.
  • It is important to develop your child’s understanding of what has been read. Please talk to your child about the book; about the pictures, the characters and their feelings, how they think the story will end and their favourite part.
  • Ask your child questions such as,
  • What do you think the book might be about?
  • What do you think might happen next?
  • Why do you think the author used that word/phrase?
  • How do you think the character is feeling?
  • Why do you think the character did that?
  • How would you describe that character?
  • Does the book remind you of anything else you have read?
  • Together, try different activities to further develop your child’s understanding and enjoyment of the book. For example,
    • Develop an alternative ending for the story
    • Create a new character for the story
    • Create a sequel to the story
    • Design a new front cover for the story


Useful Free Phonics Websites

Please talk to your child’s class teacher to find out which phonics phase your child is being taught so that you know which games are appropriate.


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