Raglan Walking Winners Competition!

Remember to keep on walking/ scooting/ skateboarding /park-and-stride /car-sharing to school. Mr. Rob walks to school every Wednesday from Whitehall Rec from 8:30! Please join him!

December Walking Winners: Class 3F! They win special luminous bangles!

Walk On Wednesday

For the past 300 years I have been walking every Wednesday to school. Why not try to get your kids to join in? I have written down the route below.

Up to 8:30. Meet at the swings in Whitehall Rec.

8:30. Set off from Whitehall Rec.

8:35. Corner at the Chatterton Arms.

8:40. Corner of Southlands Road and Chatterton Road.

8:45. We will be there!

Why walk?

Cooping children in cars is unsociable, unhealthy, unhelpful and unhappy. Letting children walk with friends encourages conversation, imagination, a feel for the environment, nature and FUN! Cars use up metal, rubber, petrol and give off fumes. Cars knock down animals, people and each other. If you keep using cars you are making the government build bigger roads with more lanes squashing more natural habitats!

Walking to school and understanding why we do it is a vital part of today’s society!